Arena 21 is an all new venue where the cutting edge technologies of the future meet a fun and friendly entertainment venue. Offering a drone flying experience like no other and a range of thrilling virtual reality experiences never before seen in Australia there is something for everyone at Arena 21, so what are you waiting for? Your next adventure awaits, so step on into the arena.

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The park playground is an all new exciting virtual reality experience from the depths of Europe coming to Australia for the first time ever, making cutting edge technology available to everyone. No wires, no heavy or uncomfortable backpacks, simply put on your goggles and step into a whole new world where your adventure awaits.

Choose from four of our virtual reality experiences, we have something everything can enjoy from fun for the whole family or a challenge for even the most avid gamers the park has something for everyone.

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Drone games is a one of a kind experience offering people of all ages to have a go at soaring the skies controlling one of our many hire drones.

With absolutely nothing else like it the drone games arena is available for complete beginners to learn the basics or the most avid of drone flyers to test their skills and limits in an controlled environment.

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